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Methra Industries India Pvt Ltd. presents its maiden product CELL O CON Aerated Autoclaved Concrete blocks made with Internationally proven state of the art technology. Mr. P. Venketesan, post graduate in structural engineering and a technocrat, is the promoter with three decades of experience in the Construction Industry. Mr. V. Pattabhi, a Veteran AAC Consultant is the technical advisor.

CELL O CON Appearance is light coloured, it contains many micro cells that can be clearly seen when looked at closely. The closed cells contribute to the material's insulating properties and its aerated nature.


A Green Revolution For Future Buildings

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aerated concrete
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CELL O CON is inorganic and incombustible aerocon blocks and it is about one-fifth the density of normal concrete blocks and one-third density of conventional clay bricks. The Moisture absorbed is less than 2 percentage. This has significant environmental advantages addressing longevity, insulation and structural demands. These AAC or autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are the right investment, justified for buildings intended to have a lifelong saving.


CELL O CON or aerocon blocks can deliver big savings in heating and cooling costs through the life of a building and national savings on electricity due to its thermal mass performance and insulating properties.


CELL O CON,aac block is an energy-efficient product, eliminating emissions totally, with the norms of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) towards the welfare of our Planet contributing to stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.